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IAPC is organized, within the meaning of Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as an educational and professional NONPROFIT corporation to promote the welfare of its Members; to advance the efficient and skillful discharge by its Members of the duties of their occupation; to advance and safeguard their economic interest and generally to encourage and promote better social conditions for its Members through cooperative enterprises and do such other things as may be permitted by law.

IAPC Executive Education programs require participants to practice analytical thinking, diplomacy, effective leadership and communication skills. Participants gain understanding of international business protocol, etiquette, and civility in today’s rapidly expanding ‘global’ marketplace.

IAPC is also pleased to offer the WORLD’S FIRST portfolio-based International Protocol, Etiquette, and Civility CERTIFICATION programs:

Certified Protocol Consultant™ (CPC®)
Certified Protocol Officer™ (CPO®)

IAPC is proud to be the FIRST international protocol organization approved for membership
by the prestigious Convention Industry Council.

The Convention Industry Council’s 32 member organizations represent more than 103,500 individuals, as well as over 17,300 firms and properties involved in the meetings, conventions, and exhibitions industry.

As the meeting industry becomes more global, the emphasis on protocol for all programs is growing, commented Mary E. Power, CAE, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Convention Industry Council.  IAPC’s membership in CIC supports our aim of improving the professionalism of our overall industry.

The International Association of Protocol Consultants (IAPC) is honored to be a member in the Convention Industry Council (CIC).  Our mission parallels CIC, adding the critical components of protocol, etiquette, and civility, explained Alinda Lewris, IAPC President & CEO. We join CIC in supporting public awareness of the need for qualified experts in official, professional, and social arenas, domestically and internationally.

IAPC’s programs are offered in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital. This unique protocol arena is ideally suited to IAPC’s advancement of higher learning. Program attendees inhale the atmosphere of political power and international influence while gaining crucial expertise in connecting with business, government, and academia. No other place in the United States offers this diverse educational environment of people, information, and resources that so appropriately complements IAPC’s programs.

IAPC from its inception has been committed to:

  • Increasing higher learning opportunities for all
  • Advancing awareness of the critical need for civility, ethics, and integrity
  • Promoting goodwill, including the legacy of this industry’s icons and leaders
  • Cultivating awareness of the strengths that exist in all cultures


“The International Association of Protocol Consultants (IAPC)
is designated as the
official protocol and continuing education advisors
to the
Joint Military Attaché School”

COL Thomas B. Sweeney
Commandant, Joint Military Attaché School
United States Defense Intelligence Agency
Washington, D.C.